Basic EverywhereK® Rules


  • All adverts submitted to EverywhereK® will need to be approved by the moderators - this is to ensure that they are totally appropriate. We will try our best to ensure that adverts are distributed as soon as possible. It must be remembered however, that everyone already gets a lot of email anyway, so we would ask that posts be as concise as possible. The moderators reserve the right to reject or amend any advert which they consider to be inappropriate for distribution to EverywhereK® members. We may also edit the format and/or the Subject line of a submitted advert/message if we think it improves how the advert will appear to our users.
  • Unless it is absolutely relevant, please remove any portions of previous emails sent to you if you decide to pass a message on via EverywhereK®. The moderators reserve the right to change the final content of any adverts prior to publication.
  • Please do not include any email addresses in adverts submitted to EverywhereK®. People will be able to reply directly to your registered email address for EverywhereK® automatically. If an email address is found on any image included in an advert we will attempt to remove it and replace it with something suitable eg 'Please reply directly to this advert from EverywhereK®' or 'see website xxx'. The system prevents email addresses from being typed in to adverts anyway. This is done for anti spamming and security reasons & to protect the email addresses of our members. Your cooperation with this would be appreciated. We are sorry in advance for any delay that this may cause to the publication of your advert. If we cannot remove the email address easily then we may have to decline the advert.



  • Attachments uploaded with a advert, cannot exceed 10Mb in size. The system will reject them if they are larger than this. You can upload a maximum of 4 attachments in one advert. NB if you have several pictures you would like to include in an advert, we request that you try to merge them up so they form one attachment. Alternatively just tell people that you can send them the pictures by email. If we have to do this for you then a charge may be made for our time.
  • A number of advert 'categories' are free to use. However a charge is made for adverts in the categories listed on the Terms & Conditions page. EverywhereK® is a business & the system needs to cover our costs & be economically viable.
  • If a charge is applicable, you will automatically be asked to enter your credit or debit card details when placing the advert. You may also use PayPal. The system doesn't take American Express payments directly due to circumstances beyond our control, but we can arrange to take an American Express payment if you contact us first.
  • Except for paid adverts, please do not attempt to post a message again until at least 3 days have elapsed after it was first approved.
  • Please keep your profile & contact details up to date. Failure to do this may mean termination of your membership. Sometimes we need to contact you to ask you a question about an advert that you've submitted. This is usually when we can't understand what you've tried to say (and nor will anyone else!!). If the information is incorrect then we just won't be able to contact you! 
  • Please do not put 2 or more different requests into 1 advert, when there are actually 2 or more existing discrete categories. Instead submit the adverts separately under the appropriate categories.

  • By default, members receive an email copy of every advert/message submitted by themselves & other members. However they can change the frequency of these adverts by clicking on My Profile & then choosing Subscriptions.  They then have 5 choices: 
    • All messages - members will receive every advert/message from EverywhereK®.
    • Digests - members will receive regular Digests containing a batch of adverts/messages (instead of every email)
    • Digests & All messages - members will receive both of the above.
    • Web access only - members will not receive all the normal adverts/messages and will still be able to access the website to view & submit adverts there. They will however agree to still receive the very occasional advert/message only from the EverywhereK® Directors, informing them about the service.
    • Temporarily suspend receiving messages - members must use this option if they are perhaps going away & want to stop their EverywhereK® adverts/messages temporarily but preserve the frequency for when they restart.
    • You can now select from which regions you'd like to receive adverts in addition to your 'home' region.


Unless there is an exceptional reason, all adverts sent by members should have the full 'real name' of the sender in the message. If it is discovered that a user is not using his/her real name then the user's membership may be terminated without notice.

Failure to disclose a sender's full name may cause us to reject the message. We will try to enforce this but we may well miss some - do forgive us! However people can submit an advert anonymously but a very small additional charge is levied. All replies to an anonymous advert/message will be delivered to the submitter's registered email address for EverywhereK®.

Unless an advert is absolutely clear in its meaning it will be rejected or deleted. NOTE: We cannot be held responsible for any delays this may cause.

Passing on messages for third parties will NOT be encouraged, especially if these parties are not members of EverywhereK®. This rule will however be exercised at the moderator's discretion. Additionally the moderators will delete actual email addresses that appear in adverts submitted, in order to reduce the proliferation of spam & for security reasons. The moderators cannot be held responsible for any losses or damage arising from people posting information for third parties.

Email addresses can also not appear anywhere in the body of any adverts or on any images submitted with the advert. All replies will automatically be directed to the registered email address of the person posting the advert. If people expect replies to a particular email address then they must submit the advert from that address & consequently register it if they haven't done so previously. If an email address is found in a poster attached to a submitted advert we will try to remove it. As a courtesy to our users we will try to call them about this, but if we cannot contact them because we do not have enough information on their profile to do this, then we will distribute the advert without the email address and all replies will then go to the submitter's registered email address for EverywhereK®.

If members request recommendations then by all means reply to them, but don't actively recommend other people as a posting direct to EverywhereK®. If you do wish to recommend anyone then please submit the advert using one of the 'Service Available' categories - for which a small charge will be made. Even if you do recommend someone, this is still not an indication that EverywhereK® would endorse the use of their services.

Cleaners or Au Pairs may be requested - If they are recommended by members, a small admin charge will apply, either to be paid to us by the cleaner or the member.

Members wishing to sell tickets for events must state the face value of the tickets to avoid other EverywhereK® members from unknowingly being misled. NB You are responsible to check that it is legal to transfer ownership of the tickets - we cannot be held liable if we have passed things on in all good faith.

If you are selling, or giving away an article, then please have the derech eretz to deal with people in a business-like & fair manner. 

The same derech eretz should also apply to people who require something.

Please have the courtesy to email people to say that you've either found something else, or that the item the person has is unsuitable. A 30 second email would make a world of difference!

If you submit an item or items under the 'Giveaway' category, then don't specify that a person needs to donate something to a particular charity - otherwise we view that as if you're selling the item (or items) and then deciding to donate the proceeds to the charity. A 'Giveaway' should be what it says, otherwise it should be placed under one of the 'For Sale: Item(s)' categories.


With regard to dealing with tradesman found via EverywhereK®

It is up to you, as an EverywhereK® member, to check the following:

  • Whoever you let into your premises is suitably qualified for the work he/she will be undertaking
  • The person(s) undertaking the work is/are fully insured for public liability.
  • They provide a suitable receipt and guarantee

In addition:

When people use a tradesman recommended by another member, would they please ensure that their conduct towards the tradesman does not compromise the existing relationship between the tradesman and the member recommending them.

Job Vacancies

All adverts offering jobs submitted to EverywhereK® cannot contain more than 2 positions vacant, except by prior arrangement with the moderators. Multiple ads must be submitted if more positions need to be advertised.

Time Critical Adverts/Messages

If you have information of a time critical nature eg a levayah, shivah or a serious warning that needs to go out quite urgently, please call  020 3006 2351 as soon as possible. This MUST always be done for these types of messages and we will try to accommodate your needs if we are able to. Failure to verbally inform us in reasonable time may cause the information not to be sent out at the correct time. Whilst we will make every effort to comply with your wishes we cannot be held responsible for any disappointments or losses arising.

Job Requests

If people are are seeking work and in fact what they are offering is actually a service, then the advert should be submitted to EverywhereK® under the correct service available category. Examples of this are any offers of Childcare or Cleaning work. It also extends to any form of freelance work, eg bookkeeping & graphic design to name but a few.


Reading EverywhereK® Adverts/Messages

We spend quite a time trying to ensure that all adverts/messages are 'cleaned up' before they are distributed so that members can make a quick decision as to whether to read them or not. Indeed we don't always approve every advert that is submitted.

Please do not feel that you HAVE to read all of the adverts/messages - or even any of them! An rolling archive containing a history of the adverts/messages that have been approved over the last 6 months is held on the EverywhereK® website - and you are free to reply to them there if you wish.

Tips for choosing a password

The following are the basic rules that should be used when creating a password.  We do not guarantee that they will prevent a hacker guessing a password nor can they prevent loss of identity but they are common sense solutions to an ever increasing risk. In the modern world there are many people who are trying to steal your identify, with more and more commerce on the Internet, increasing the complexity of your password may help defend against attacks. No guarantees but try the following where the system permits.

1) Password should contain a combination of ALPha-Numer1c and Punctuation (letters, numbers and symbols) with upper and lower case

2) The longer the better, at least 8 characters, an easy to remember phrase for example "G0odY0mt0v" has zeros in place of "o"  see rule 3

3) None of the words can be found in an English or Hebrew transliterated dictionary.  For example w0rd spelt with a zero is not a dictionary word but hackers are wise to this.

4) Try and use different password for different websites. Nothing to stop use of the name of the website in the password but intersperse the name with punctuation or numbers.

5) Do not write down the password on a piece of paper that is stuck to the computer. If you must keep a hard copy hide it away separate from your computer equipment.

6) Do not use social clues to you password such as a pet's name, family name or common derivative of your name, or a website name where it's readable. So if your name is Elizabeth try "b3Tty" but certainly not "Betty".

And one final tip

7) Remember to change your passwords fairly frequently especially on bank or other secure personal sites

Hackers are looking for easy targets so purely readable names, that resemble your user name and are short are easy to guess, if dictionary words are used then hackers have software that tries every dictionary word available and finally the hackers use what is called brute force where they sequentially go through every letter, number and punctuation combination. They will find the password eventually but a good secure system would recognise an attack of this nature.

Remember to read the Stop & Think warnings. They are there for your protection & ours.
Ignore them at your own cost & expense.
Don’t say we didn’t tell you.